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When civilians divorce, both parties are usually in the same community. Members of the military and their spouses are often in different places; one spouse may be stationed at Fort Campbell while the other may be in a different state. However, geography is only one of the issues that make military divorce more complicated.

Hopson & Parris has offices adjacent to Fort Campbell in Oak Grove and Cadiz, Kentucky. Since 1985, our lawyers have worked closely with military families to guide them through divorce and custody issues.

Oak Grove Military Family Law Attorneys

We are familiar with issues specific to military families such as:

Custody matters are particularly challenging for military families. Overseas deployment can complicate custody matters significantly. It is essential to work with attorneys who are well-attuned to the issues that are unique to military families. With an office across from Fort Campbell, we have helped many military families navigate complex custody issues. We will work to protect your interests while ensuring that the best interests of the children are everyone's first priority.

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Whether you are a member of the military or are the spouse of a soldier, our Fort Campbell military divorce lawyers will take forceful action to protect your interests. Contact our offices in Cadiz, Kentucky, at 270-301-5464 or our office in Oak Grove, Kentucky, at 270-605-0047. Our office in Oak Grove is conveniently located across from Gate 4 Fort Campbell.